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Devil Fruit Limitations Empty Devil Fruit Limitations

Post  Wilder on Thu Sep 29, 2011 10:19 am

All canon devil fruit will be accepted on this site. Here's some limitations:

1. The Phoenix Fruit does not automatically heal you within a couple of seconds. It can still heal you, but the process will take multiple posts. Let's say, ten posts per wound.

2. There will be no devil fruits which allow the user to control the ocean, water in general, or seastone. Each of those weakens devil fruit users so I highly doubt there would be a devil fruit that could control them.

3. You may only have three devil fruit users at one time.

4. Between all of your characters, you may only have three weapons that possess devil fruits. You may convert devil fruits slots for your characters into devil fruit slots for your weapons. However, this does not work vice-versa except if you are changing a character DF slot, which you used for a weapon, back into a character DF slot.

5. Logia and Mystical Zoans are forbidden for everyone, including me, until that person has at least 500 posts. Even then, you may only have one Logia or Mystical Zoan for either one of your characters or weapons.

6. No teleportation fruits. That's just way too easy to abuse.

7. No mind control. Period.

8. No telekinesis. Nobody would have any way of blocking it.

9. No intangibility.


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