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Post  Wilder on Thu Sep 29, 2011 10:14 am

There are several limitations for a character:

1. A bounty can only be given to someone who has made the World Government angry for some reason. A bounty can also only start out at 10,000,000 at the very most.

2. If your character is a Marine, the highest rank they can be to start out as is a Captain.

3. Note, there is no current limit on how many characters you can have, but you can only have up to four characters who possess devil fruit powers. Look in the Devil Fruit Limitations section for more details.

4. Rokushiki can only be used by those who have a reason to have them. For example: A new pirate who has never even seen Rokushiki in action before would not have soru or rankyaku and so forth.

5. Now, for haki. I am sure that everyone and their mother will want this ability. However, there will be limitations on it just like everything else that seems overpowered. The Observation Haki and Armament Haki are innate abilities which are available to everyone in the world. However, a new character may not start with any kind of haki under their control. They must first learn it from someone who possesses the ability. (At the start of this RP only the NPC Yonkou, Admirals, and Shichibukai will have them.) Also, your character must have been through at least five combat RPs. An RP can only be classified as a combat RP if there is a crew vs. crew battle within it. Three of these RPs do not need to be against PCs, but you can substitute NPCs for them instead. The other two, however, MUST be against PCs. And those PCs must be strong. The Conquerors Haki is the only kind that will not be available to everyone. Only one of your characters may have this ability, if any of them do. Also, you must have at least 500 posts. Once that has been achieved the character who you choose to have this haki can use it, but will knock out all generic and nameless NPCs in the area. Once they have been trained by someone else who has this ability, then they can use it correctly. But that's the thing. Conquerors Haki can only be used to knock out generic and nameless NPCs. It will not affect PCs or named NPCs unless their user says so. It will still make anyone in the vicinity notice the one using it regardless of whether it knocks out that person or not.


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