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Post  Wilder on Thu Sep 29, 2011 9:54 am

This site is not like most RP sites. Many RP sites are based on creating a character and leveling them up with experience earned in the actual RPs. This site is more of a story based RP. On this site, people will indeed be creating characters and battling them against one another, but these battles will be based more on logic and creativity rather than on how many points of speed I have compared to you. There will still be some slight restrictions, but only to keep people from becoming powerful too quickly.

Another thing I must mention is that this site will be based in an Alternate Universe. (AU) As an AU, none of the characters from TV show or the manga will appear on this site. There will be new Admirals, Yonkou, and Shichibukai and, if you are strong enough, your characters may even become one of these.

I hope that you choose to stick around and RP with me and the others who will be coming to this site. Until then,



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